Stop Wasting Time On Free Home Staging Estimates

“Debra Gould has given me insight into the business and marketing side of home staging.” “The Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program clarified how to charge for my services without wasting me time doing free estimates or free home staging consultations!” I’m looking forward to getting noticed for my talents as both an artist and a designer.” ~ Saskia Vandemeulebroucke,… [Read full review]

With Staging Diva I Know What I Want to Do When I Grow Up

“I am so happy, I finally figured out ‘what I want to be when I grow up!’ The Staging Diva Program encouraged me to get out there and start my own business. I am now living the American Dream of being my own boss. I don’t know if I would have had the courage without… [Read full review]

Time to Start Making Money From Home Staging Expertise

“Within one hour of downloading the Staging Diva home staging courses, a Realtor friend emailed me for a vacant staging quote since he heard I was interested in home staging.” “Needless to say, I zoomed through the Staging Diva course recordings in 3 days before I had the confidence to provide an accurate ballpark quote.”… [Read full review]

Staging Diva Home Staging Courses Take a Road Trip

“I am a recent Graduate of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program.  I originally listened intently to all five home staging courses while following along in the notes, completing all of the homework assignments and Action Plans.” “I was excited to begin my new career as a home stager!” “On a whim, I… [Read full review]

Staging Diva Gives You a Business Plan to Follow

“I knew what I needed from a home staging training program. I needed a business plan to follow which is what Staging Diva offers.” “I already have a degree in business, which just showed me how many mistakes I could make! I had a thousand things to do, and nothing to do.” “The Staging Diva Home Staging Business… [Read full review]

Staging Diva Teaches How To Work With Paying Clients

“Staging Diva has taught me the business part of home staging. From Debra Gould I’ve learned more about the home staging field and how to avoid pitfalls, how to work with paying clients and how to earn their trust.” “Staging Diva also taught me that a home staging consultation is just as important, perhaps more… [Read full review]

Debra Gould Knows What It Takes To Succeed In Staging Business

“Debra Gould has given me wonderful advice about how to run my own home staging and redesign business, and how to position myself as an expert more effectively.” “Her words are simple yet concrete. She helped me focus on the specifics of what I need to do to propel my own success.” “I’m raising my… [Read full review]

Staging Diva Motivated Me to Do What I Love

“One of my first home staging projects was for a couple who had a vacant condo that had been on the market for 8 months with no offers. Within 2 weeks of my staging they got a full price offer!” “I could not have asked for more perfect, cooperative and appreciative home staging clients.” “The… [Read full review]

5 Years of Success With Staging Diva Business Model

“Next month will be my 5th anniversary operating a home staging business. This past year I completed 38 home staging and redesign projects, got featured in the media and had my first month with earnings of $7,000!” “All of these successes are a result of carrying out Debra Gould’s ideas and recommendations and the home… [Read full review]

Home Staging Courses in a Quick and Easy Format

“I feel so blessed to have come upon the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program and all that Debra Gould offers. I LOVE the easy and completely doable format of her home staging courses.” “At first, I didn’t think I would need the whole training program…LITTLE DID I KNOW. I’m pretty sure I highlighted… [Read full review]