Staging Diva Showed Me How To Live My Decorating Passion - Review

Staging Diva Showed Me How To Live Out My Decorating Passion

viviane thomas breitfeld“I believe each house has a soul, an essence that one connects with. I have a passion for decorating and designing which began when I was a child.

I would drive my parents crazy as I moved furniture around and/or wanted them to change the colors of a room saying, ‘that feels better for this room.’

As an adult I became an Open House regular.

I’d talk to the realtor about how I envisioned the space. They told me I should be a realtor but that wasn’t my passion. Family and friends came to me for design advice and urged me to go into decorating and design.

When I connected with Debra Gould, the Staging Diva, I met a kindred spirit!

I left a message asking for more information on home staging and she personally called me back!

It wasn’t one of those dismissive, ‘just buy my program’ calls either. Debra took the time to listen, to meet me where I was, and encouraged me to be all I could be in living out my decorating passion.

I entered the Staging Diva Training Program and found it to be everything it promised.

I’m moving forward in business, confident that I’ll be a success in this industry, with the Staging Diva courses and other products as my major resource. If you’re on the fence, talk to Debra, or any Staging Diva Graduate. These home staging courses are a wise investment and Staging Diva is a great community to be a part of!”

~ Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld, Soulful Staging by Design (Wisconsin)

Being a Realtor When You’d Rather Decorate and Stage Homes

Many people become real estate agents when their real love and passion are decorating and staging. For more information on this read “What If I Have a Real Estate License and I Prefer Home Staging.”

You don’t need to be a Realtor to be a successful home stager.

And for many, there is MORE money in home staging than there is in real estate. There are other advantages too when you follow the step by step process to making a living as a home stager which is outlined in the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program. Advantages of a home staging career over being a real estate agent include:

  • Getting paid immediately rather than when the house deal closes. Staging Diva Grads even get upfront deposits!
  • Not being on call 24/7. Staging Diva Grads choose exactly when and how hard they want to work.
  • Never going to a house for free. Staging Diva Grads don’t visit clients for free, we do paid consultations.

> Learn more about the Staging Diva Program here.

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