All Aspects of a Home Staging Business Covered by Staging Diva

All Aspects of Home Staging Business Covered by Staging Diva

jacob owens home stager“The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to any first time home stager.”

“Among other things, I learned how to: charge more for my services, focus my marketing and get paid along the way so I’m financially protected.”

“I highly recommend taking the full 5 courses because they cover all aspects on how to become a successful home stager from a business point of view. I felt confident and ready to start my home staging business. Thank you, Debra Gould!”

~ Jacob Owens, Jacob Owens Designs Inc.

The home staging industry is full of opportunity for women and men wanting to profit from their creative talents with a fulfilling career decorating homes to sell.

There are men working in the home staging industry even though they are dramatically outnumbered by their female counterparts.

There is no real reason why women tend to outnumber men in the home staging industry. There are plenty of men in real estate, for example.

Male interior designers are not difficult to come by either.

Just look in the media for successful examples like Nate Berkus, Ty Pennington, Jeff Lewis. By the way…did you know that they don’t have a formal education in interior design?

That’s proof that the lack of a degree in interior design shouldn’t hold anyone back from pursuing their dreams of working as an interior redesigner or home stager; it’s about knowing how to capitalize on your talent by turning it into a viable business.

If you’re curious, here’s a great article on why home staging beats interior design as a business.

Many Successful Staging Diva Grads are Men

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