I Learned It's OK to Charge for Home Staging - Staging Diva Review

I Learned It’s Ok to Charge for Home Staging

home staging training “I had previously taken a staging course, but felt from a business perspective I needed additional pieces. That’s why I took the Staging Diva Program!”

“Debra Gould will give you the confidence to pursue your passion! Her energy and enthusiasm for the business of home staging are contagious, as she shares all her knowledge.”

“She gave me the encouragement to pursue my dream and the confidence to move forward knowing it’s okay to charge for my home staging services and knowledge! Thanks Debra!”

~ Beverly Gooding, Ontario

It’s Ok to Charge for Home Staging

“Sometimes when something comes naturally to us, it doesn’t feel like work and we feel bad charging someone for our expertise,” says home staging expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva. “However, our clients stand to make a whole lot of profit for our advice,” she adds.

The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program is based on the belief that creative people do not need to be “starving artists.” They need a proper business model to follow and the confidence to stop taking their talents for granted and charge what they’re worth.  Debra Gould has been a single Mom and home stager for many years and knows what it takes to turn your passion for decorating and staging and turn it into a profitable home staging business.

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