Becoming a Home Stager took Me Out of My Quiet Shell, Gave Me Confidence

Becoming a Home Stager Took Me Out of My Shell, Gave Me Confidence

home stager pamela butler“Becoming a home stager has changed me as an individual. It has taken me out of the quiet shell I have been in as a medical laboratory assistant. Finishing the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program really prompted me on the pathway of creating and setting goals of my own.”

“Since graduating from the Staging Diva Program, I’ve been invited to a couple of small business events and I’m making a lot of contacts. I’m feeling confident for my first staging job.”

~ Pamela Butler, Studio B Home Staging (GA)

A Home Stager From Unrelated Career

It’s very common for a home stager to come from a completely unrelated career, as Pamela has from being a medical laboratory assistant.

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You don’t even need official interior design training as long as you have an eye for decor.

Think about whether people have been complimenting you for years on your talent, or asking your advice about what to do with their homes because they’ve loved what you did with yours.

Think about whether a real estate agent has ever asking you, “Who staged your home?”

Think about whether decorating has always been a passion of yours. Chances are that’s because you’ve got some innate talent.

Do you spend hours watching HGTV and wondering if you could do that?

Perhaps you were born to be a home stager 🙂

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