How I Got Over My Fear of Starting a Home Staging Business

How I Got Over My Fear of Starting a Home Staging Business

amy spencer“I had a lot of fear that was holding me back from pursuing what I really wanted to do and be. The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program gave me the confidence to move forward.”

“The inner workings of how home staging works was a mystery to me and I felt that Debra Gould’s transparency in the course CD’s was open and honest, and exactly what I needed.”

I needed a mentor to help me figure out the inner workings of the business from pricing to marketing and I felt that’s exactly what Debra delivered.”

“My goal is to become the largest home staging company in my area. And, so I push on, stuffing fear in my back pocket.”

~ Amy Spencer, Amy Spencer Interiors (SC)

Is Fear Holding You Back From Becoming a Home Stager?

It’s normal for fears to come up when you think about stepping out of your comfort zone to start your own home staging business.

The trick is to not let your fear paralyze you and stop you from taking action.

This exercise will help give you some perspective and keep you focused on solutions rather than problems.

A solution-based mindset is one of the most helpful things you can have to forward with courage despite your fears.

  1. Set up a new document on your computer with three columns, or turn a piece of paper sideways and divide it, making these headings across the top:

– My biggest fears
– The worst thing that can happen if these fears are realized
– Possible solutions; places where I can go for help

2. Now fill it out with every wild “what if” fear that is buzzing around your brain and keeping you up at night.

Really, write down every crazy thing even if part of you thinks it’s dumb, or worse, too scary to mention. I promise it will lose some of its power over you as soon as you write it down.

For example if your fear is “the furniture is too heavy to move” the worst thing that can happen is you’ll need help. Possible solutions might include:

  • Asking some college kids who might like to make some extra money on an evening or weekend
  • Asking your client if they have any friends or family members that can help to keep their costs down
  • Asking moving and storage companies, or junk removal companies if they have people who can help (since clients with lots of furniture to move also need one of these other services 99% of the time)
  • Asking yourself whether this random worry is really enough to hold you back from following your dreams

Staging Diva Course 3If your fear is “what if I don’t get paid” the worst thing that can happen is you’ll be out your own money for shopping or rentals, or some of your time. Possible solutions might include:


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