Stop Wasting Time On Free Home Staging Estimates

Stop Wasting Time On Free Home Staging Estimates

Saskia Vandemeulebroucke“Debra Gould has given me insight into the business and marketing side of home staging.”

“The Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program clarified how to charge for my services without wasting me time doing free estimates or free home staging consultations!”

I’m looking forward to getting noticed for my talents as both an artist and a designer.”

Saskia Vandemeulebroucke, Design Fusion, CA


This talented home stager and artist started her home staging business while also working full-time as a manager at IKEA. There is no way she has time to waste running around doing free home staging estimates, as other courses advise.

With the Staging Diva home staging business model, you’ll learn how to use your time more efficiently and how you can maximize your profits.

That’s because this program was created by business expert Debra Gould, who has an MBA and has been a successful home stager since 2002.

You’ll learn what works in the real world, not unproven theories.

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Home Staging Hours Totally Flexible

Because you can book your home staging client appointments around whatever else you have going on in your life, it’s a great business to start on the side of another job, or if you’re a busy mom who needs flexibility.

Here are some comments from other Staging Diva Grads who started by building their home staging businesses on the side:

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