With Staging Diva I Know What I Want to Do When I Grow Up

With Staging Diva I Know What I Want to Do When I Grow Up

amanda conrey home stager“I am so happy, I finally figured out ‘what I want to be when I grow up!’ The Staging Diva Program encouraged me to get out there and start my own business. I am now living the American Dream of being my own boss. I don’t know if I would have had the courage without the Staging Diva Training.”

“It is so amazing to be able to do something that I am passionate about and that I love. Every day is a new adventure. I never know from day to day what I will be working on or who I will meet. It makes life very exciting!”

“I love having my own business and being my own boss! If I want to throw in a load of laundry between business calls I can. I can clean the kitchen on my lunch break, or not even take a lunch break if I don’t want to.”

“I have a an 11-year-old and a 6-year-old and used to work as an Administrative Assistant. My new home staging career works very well with the life of a busy mom. It also gives me the option to home schooling my kids if that ever becomes necessary. ”

“My home staging business has opened up so many new opportunities. I have also become much more involved in my community which I absolutely love. I’m meeting new people and home staging is a great job to be in if you are a social person.”

“I would not change my decision to become a home stager for anything in the world! It has changed my life completely for the better, and I couldn’t think of a better career or a better way to spend my time.”

“I highly recommend the Staging Diva Training. It helped me so much and gave me the courage to start my own business and really believe that it was possible! Thank you so much to Debra Gould! I really enjoyed the training program and continue to listen to the course recordings off and on to help me remember what was said. I highly recommend Staging Diva to anyone who has a passion for home staging and wants to make it their career!”

~ Amanda Conrey, Ready to Stage, LLC (Indiana)

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