"Having My Own Home Staging Business Has Changed My Life Forever"

Having My Own Home Staging Business Has Changed My Life Forever

christina rougerie's home staging business“I had my fears about starting my own home staging business, not to mention taking a course, but Debra Gould’s website was very thorough and answered all my questions without even having to contact her. The Staging Diva Training Program prepared me fully for my new endeavors. Talk about saving money and time!  I couldn’t have gotten this far this fast without Debra’s help!”

“Having my own home staging business has changed my life forever. I’ve always been one to strive and work hard; now I can direct that energy to helping others in their life transition.”

~ Christina Rougerie, Divine Designing & Home Staging (Texas)

Is fear of failure holding you back from starting a home staging business?

When Debra Gould quit her high-level job and started her first business, a marketing consulting firm, everyone said she was crazy. It was in the fall of 1989—at the very beginning of the 1990s recession. But Debra knew that with change comes opportunity and that there is much less security in working for others than in working for yourself.

She was right. While Debra’s fellow MBA graduates were being laid off from their corporate jobs, she was earning more than she had ever made working for anyone else, with the added satisfaction of knowing she was creating her own opportunities and was in control of her own destiny.

Debra didn’t have the comfort of a spouse to support her. In fact, she was paying a mortgage on her own and later supporting a child too. She didn’t even have the luxury of having her family around to help with childcare. If she didn’t keep her business going, she would be in serious trouble.

Debra never took her success for granted though. Even when she was earning $125 per hour back in the 1990s as a marketing consultant, she still spent time calculating how long it would take to become homeless in case she never got another project. Looking back, she calls this her “Bag Lady Fear Phase.”

Now that Debra has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, she doesn’t think about this anymore. She’s not as nervous now that she’s become accustomed to the idea of living without a guaranteed paycheck every week.

So if you go through your own “Bag Lady Fear Phase” as you start your home staging business, don’t let it scare you into thinking you’re on the wrong path or that you need the “security” of working for someone else.

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