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Home Staging Was My Silver Lining after Hurricane Sandy

“When I was downsized during Hurricane Sandy I saw this as an opportunity to begin my own home staging business. This career change has allowed me to re-discover my original love of designing homes and creating a job that I love.” “My dear father told me that ‘If I where to find a job that… [Read full review]

Debra Gould Gave Me the Guts to Stage Homes

“Debra, I wanted to share a ‘wow moment with you—gently convincing my skeptical client and her husband to try my room rearrangement suggestion for their daughter’s room, only to have their Realtor come in and say ‘Wow, this room looks a lot better!’” “It was hard to hide my own excited relief. ‘I do know… [Read full review]

My First Home Staging Project Resulted in Multiple Referrals!

“My first home staging project resulted in multiple offers within 24 hours and a sales price of $16,000 over the asking price. The homeowners, realtor, and their friends were so impressed with how I styled the home to sell that I received several referrals from that one job. The homeowners have already asked me to… [Read full review]

Home Staging Tripled Income of Busy Mom

“The Staging Diva Program was worth every single penny! I made it all back in my very first staging job. And, I would have never had the confidence to charge what I do to make the profit that I’ve been making on my current jobs. I’m now staging homes that are in the $1-2 million… [Read full review]

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Home Staging Is My Calling

“I am amazed by the Staging Diva Program. I have learned so much and I know home staging is my calling. The information that I have obtained will last forever.” “I signed up for the program after checking out the Staging Diva website over 30 times to make sure I was choosing the right training program, and… [Read full review]

I Became a Home Stager with Business Confidence

“I had the experience to do the work I love, but having a young child, I just couldn’t be tied to an employer’s timeframe. What I really needed was the confidence and know-how to create, systematize and run my own business. That’s exactly what the Staging Diva Program targets. I also could take the course… [Read full review]

Home Staging Doesn’t Require Certification or Licensing

“I always wanted to ‘grow up’ to be an interior decorator. Instead, I became a mom and worked odd jobs to be able to stay home with my 2 children while my husband worked during the day.” “We have owned 10 homes in our 33 years of marriage. I have decorated each home and have… [Read full review]

Staging Diva Gave Me the Inside Scoop

“Staging Diva is a great course! I know how to stage and redesign, but needed the inside scoop on how to value my work and how to charge for my services. Debra Gould was fantastic and shared lessons learned along her journey. With this additional information, I’m ready to start my staging and redesign business!”… [Read full review]

The Staging Diva Program Has Already Paid for Itself

“I am using the Staging Diva Training Program to stage my current home and two vacation rentals. As you say, what better way to learn than on your own projects?” “Last week while de-cluttering, I realized that ‘staging a home’ is my passion, regardless of the motivation (sale, rental, or party).” Now I have a… [Read full review]

Staging Diva Is My Daily Fuel of Motivation

“I had enrolled with another staging school before Staging Diva. I was totally left on my own once the course was completed. Not being satiated with this, I continued to search for some other home staging help, and thankfully came across Staging Thanks, Debra, for your personal touch and for being a true mentor… [Read full review]