"Debra Gould Knows What It Takes To Succeed In Staging"

Debra Gould Knows What It Takes To Succeed In Staging Business

wynette williams Debra Gould has given me wonderful advice about how to run my own home staging and redesign business, and how to position myself as an expert more effectively.”

“Her words are simple yet concrete. She helped me focus on the specifics of what I need to do to propel my own success.”

“I’m raising my daughter with the help of my parents and my sister.  I love this business as you can travel or relocate and run it in a smooth fashion. I am in love with staging and what that does for home sellers.”

I had taken another home staging course previously. I love the Staging Diva Training Program because it answered all my concerns, and gave me the extra nudge I needed to take action.”

“I love Debra Gould’s straight forward approach and candor. She is still a home stager so she knows first-hand what its like in the field, and what the trends are. Debra is running her own home staging business as a real business, so she knows what it takes.”

“Debra is truly an uplifting woman and I continue to aspire to follow her lead. Her amazing passion for home staging is felt all the way over here on the Jersey Shore.”

~ Wynette Williams, Red Robyn Interiors (NJ)

Learn From a Real Home Stager

Wynette makes an important point that “Debra Gould runs her own home staging business like a real business,” and therefore knows what it takes to succeed in the real world.

Sadly, there are many home staging courses taught by people who have never had successful home staging businesses.

This leads them to teach their students time-wasting and ineffective strategies.

Many aspiring home stagers, have invested thousands of dollars in other home staging courses before discovering Staging Diva.

Then they take the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program so they can learn how to actually make money from their decorating talent.

It’s not enough to know how to move furniture around a room, or choose the right paint colors.

The most important challenges you’ll face as a home stager (assuming you want to make a great living at this) are:

1. Knowing how to find customers, and how to help them find you.

2. Knowing how much to charge, and how to explain it to your clients, so that you earn a great living.

3. Knowing how to actually get paid rather than giving away your services for free.

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