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I’m Blown Away by Staging Diva

Loreal Lutz Home Stager“Debra, I just had to write and let you know, I am just blown away with all the information on your websites, Six Elements and Staging Diva, I am so excited about everything you have to offer.”

“I have purchased all your home staging guides and checklists. Your content is astounding and I appreciate your team’s great customer service.”

“My heart started pumping so fast just reading the Staging Diva Ultimate Color Guide.”

“Then I dove into the Staging Diva Ultimate Portfolio Guide. All through it, I felt like a 5 year old on Christmas morning unwrapping gifts, that is what every page felt like!  I simply could not read it fast enough.”

“I’m so grateful for all you have done thus far.  Not just for me alone, but for thousands of other home stagers.  Debra, you are truly an inspiration and I thank you for that!”

~ Loreal Lutz, Bella Cassa Staging (Ontario)

Learn the Home Staging Business From a True Business Expert

Debra Gould The Staging DivaStaging Diva offers the most comprehensive group of products and service to help both new and established home stagers.

Over 9,000 students in 23 countries follow the teachings and business model created by home staging expert Debra Gould.

She is the only person in the home staging industry with a Masters Degree in Business and Marketing and a Bachelor Degree in Communications.

After a very successful marketing career with Fortune 500 companies like American Express, she gave it all up to launch her first business in 1989.

An entrepreneur ever since, Debra turned her passion for decorating and flipping homes into a home staging career in 2002.

She launched the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program in 2005 in answer to the hundreds of emails she received from frustrated home stagers who had taken other courses but had no idea how to actually make a living from their staging and decorating talent.

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