"With Staging Diva I’m Confident That I’m Doing Things Right" - Review

With Staging Diva I’m Confident That I’m Doing Things Right

staging diva grad nataliya mitt“Even having architectural and interior design degrees didn’t help me figure out the first steps to start my home staging career, or how my business would run.”

“The Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program helped me proceed successfully, and more importantly, feel confident that I was doing it right.”

~ Nataliya Mitt, Pro Staging and Design (Ontario)

Editor’s Note: Find out how Nataliya staged this awkwardly shaped condo!

Staging Diva Training can help interior designers expand their services

Let’s face it—no one really needs interior design services, especially in challenging times. So when the economy slows down, many people who might otherwise hire an interior designer or decorator are forced to move such a ‘non-essential’ service to the bottom of their priority list.

Many homeowners who do want to re-decorate will hire a home stager because they know that home stagers often work primarily with what’s already there. So while they’re willing to pay well for the advice of a home stager, they don’t expect that they’ll be asked to replace or recover all their existing furniture (which is rightly or wrongly what many believe an interior designer would insist on).

Another reason many hire a home stager for decorating is that they know they’ll want to move in a couple of years and want to make any changes now with the view to making their home more enjoyable now with an eye to being easier to sell when the time comes.

A growing number of interior designers and decorators have taken the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program to learn how to expand into staging. Many also comment that it helps them with the marketing of their design services and inspires them look at their entire business in a new, and more profitable, way.

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