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Losing My Job Will Be Best Thing That Happened to Me

stacey matthews home stager“I’ve recently endured many family and personal hardships. I’ve been caring for my chronically ill teenage daughter for the past 3 years, and my other teenage daughter broke her back and both wrists in a swimming accident. Many other things have happened as well: my recent divorce, selling my home, and losing my job as a medical laboratory technician, a profession I have had for 21 years.”

“So here I am seeking a new beginning. I searched the internet relentlessly for a staging course that felt genuine, and I kept coming back to Staging Diva. I was impressed!! I decided to buy the program, and I literally used the last of my savings to do so! Losing my job will be the best thing that has happened to me. I have finally decided to make myself happy by following my passion…creativity!”

“I get the greatest satisfaction from painting and decorating each home I live in using items I already own. I have the knack and have been told that for years. I recently staged my own home to sell, and the first people to see it bought it! Staging is the perfect way for me to use my creativity!”

“Debra, I am so excited and inspired by the Staging Diva Program so far. The information is practical, clear and concise—I feel like a sponge! I have just finished listening to Course 1 for the third time and am already loaded with creative ideas!”

~ Stacey Matthews (Pennsylvania)

Hot Tip for Home StagersThe Staging Diva Program is made up of 5 core staging courses. Each one is two hours of audio recordings with accompanying notes and checklists.

Unlike an in-person course where you hear the material once and then it’s gone, Staging Diva students own their course recordings and can listen as often as they like.

Many students find that they learn something new, and get re-inspired, each time because there are so many levels to the material. Listening the first time through will give you what you need to get your staging business started.

When you listen again after a few months (or even years), you will absorb the teaching at a new level and pick up ideas you didn’t notice before!