"Home Staging Is My Calling" - Staging Diva Training Review

Home Staging Is My Calling

home staging training“I am amazed by the Staging Diva Program. I have learned so much and I know home staging is my calling. The information that I have obtained will last forever.”

“I signed up for the program after checking out the Staging Diva website over 30 times to make sure I was choosing the right training program, and was I ever right. I should have done this long time ago.

“I have no regrets in doing the program because I have learned so much from the training. If anyone is thinking of doing it, you need not look anywhere else as you will only be wasting your time and money. Staging Diva is the best.”

~ Jennifer Wong (Ontario)

What do Staging Diva Home Staging Courses Focus On?

Unlike any other home staging training program, Staging Diva is tightly focused on what you need to know to turn your love of decorating into a profitable home staging business.

Our pricing, marketing and sales training is all specifically designed to help you grow a creatively satisfying home staging business that also meets your financial needs.

We don’t want students who just want to dabble in this as a hobby. We want students who want to be financially independent while enjoying what they do every day.

Our home staging courses cover the important topics of what you’re doing in a home staging project, but not down to the specifics of where to put a couch in a particular room. Let’s face it, there are only so many ways to arrange a living room! The hard part is how to start and grow a home staging business and understanding what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

A growing number of graduates from the more hands-on home staging programs are now taking our courses so that they can learn the business-side they’re missing.

This is not some dry business program (Debra Gould did an MBA and hated it for the lack of creativity it offered). Staging Diva home staging courses take the business knowledge you need and make it all specifically about the staging field, filled with lots of creativity to suit the personality of the students we serve.

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