Reviews from Staging Diva Students

Interior Design Career Takes Longer Than Home Staging

"For years I had dreamed of an interior design career, but each time I looked into it, I realized the courses were too long and too expensive." "One day I came ... [Read full review]

My Home Staging Career Started With My Own House

"My home staging career started with the staging of my own house. We put our home on the real estate market, and I noticed we were not getting the comments I thought ... [Read full review]

I Learned It’s Ok to Charge for Home Staging

"I had previously taken a staging course, but felt from a business perspective I needed additional pieces. That's why I took the Staging Diva Program!" "Debra ... [Read full review]

All Aspects of Home Staging Business Covered by Staging Diva

"The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to any first time home stager." "Among other things, I ... [Read full review]

How I Got Over My Fear of Starting a Home Staging Business

"I had a lot of fear that was holding me back from pursuing what I really wanted to do and be. The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program gave me the ... [Read full review]

Staging Diva Operates From a Place of Abundance

"Debra, congratulations on creating such an empowering global platform, with Staging Diva, to share your success and knowledge with so many like-minded entrepreneurs ... [Read full review]

Home Staging Career After Air Force

"It has been an interesting journey from my Air Force career to becoming a home stager." "I thank you for the help on that journey because your Staging Diva ... [Read full review]

Staging Diva Home Stagers Don’t Work For Free

"Thanks to Debra Gould and her teachings in the Staging Diva Training Program, I have never given away my home staging services." "From my first client I set my ... [Read full review]

I Decided to Turn My Hobby Into a Staging Business

"After spending over a decade working in the legal profession, I finally decided to turn my creative hobby into a staging business. After researching various home ... [Read full review]

Staging Diva Got Me Out of My Comfort Zone in Business

"Prior to the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program, I mostly helped my friends and family. Now I know I can make a difference in many people's ... [Read full review]